How conservative is our current government? asks Nathaniel Sole-Potter

How conservative is our current government? Boris Johnson held a general election on the 12th of December 2019 and since then he’s been given free reigns over legislative power as he won with a significantly stronger majority of approx. 80 seats in the commons, compared to the period of minority government with Theresa May from […]

Oscar Charles-Barks discusses corruption in the Mexican economy

  How corruption is negatively influencing the Mexican economy and what is being done to combat it. In popular media such as Narcos: Mexico and El Chapo, corruption is seen as one of the major problems that the government and people of Mexico have faced, Mexico ranking 138 out of 180 countries on the Corruptions […]

Archie Howitt analyses Euler’s Identity

Euler’s Identity Euler’s identity is an example of mathematical beauty, as it combines some of the most fundamental and irrational numbers to form a whole answer. It combines the additive identity (0) along with the multiplicative identity (1) with the most used irrational numbers of; π (the ratio of the circumference of a circle to […]

The biology of animal food allergies by Tom Palmer

It’s a well-known fact that dogs are allergic to chocolate, along with many other common human foods that may seem harmless, but does anybody ever question why? Dogs can die from ingesting too much dark chocolate, grapes, coffee beans, onions, garlic and tea, but what exactly is it that can kill them? The chemical in […]

Does History Really Matter by Hetta Hill

Does History Really Matter? I’m sure anyone who has studied history has come across someone who says something along the lines of “Why do you care? History is in the past – it doesn’t matter anymore!”, and (rightly) questioning how something as alien as the Feudal System or the Spanish Armada could possibly affect our […]

Henri Cooke blogs on investing

Investing: Index funds vs dividend stocks   There are many different ways to invest in stocks but the two I am going to talk about are index fund investing and dividend investing. To begin with you may be wondering, what are they? Well, an index fund is a collection of stocks that track a specific market index. […]

Object biography for the Relic of the True Cross. By George Bingham

Object biography for the Relic of the True Cross The journey of the True Cross is described by numerous but conflicting sources and splits into untraceable stories of each fraction. Therefore, I will focus on the narrative of the relic of the True cross that was in Jerusalem. Due to the religious aspect of the […]