Jamie Broom argues that ancient languages should not be allowed to die.

Don’t turn off the life support: why ancient languages should not be allowed to die ‘Latin is a language, as dead as dead can be; it killed off all the Romans, and now it’s killing me’. So goes the ever-popular chant, the song of the unhappy school-child, slogging their way through the third declension. But […]

Ellie Hattam reviews the “fake it till you make it” workshop

How far does ‘faking it till you make it’ actually help? I was recently involved in a workshop in school which was named “uncomfortable learning” run by Jason Gray, a vocal coach who aimed to help us increase our confidence levels by putting us in situations which made us feel awkward and out of our […]

The Taliban vs Female Rights. Macey discusses recent developments in Afghanistan

The Taliban vs Female Rights Context The Taliban are an Afghanistan based militant group who were categorised by the United Nations as a terrorist group in 1999[i], five years after they emerged as an organisation. Consisting mainly of young male students known as ‘Talib’, indeed the term ‘Taliban’ comes from the Pashto meaning ‘student the […]

James Broom shares his metal detecting experiences, thus far.

Metal Detecting – my experiences, thus far The first field for which I attempted to obtain permission for was a large field, on a steep hill ascending towards the primary school which stands on the site of the old manor house. The field is used mainly now for grazing sheep, but in 1642, 1,300 parliamentarian […]

How to get started in metal detecting. James offers the definitive guide.

Metal Detecting  – How to get started Although almost everyone has heard of it, metal detecting is a difficult hobby to get into. The law surrounding it can be quite complex and intimidating, and the vast array of equipment is hard to get your head round. However, once you take the first steps, it becomes […]

Isabel explains how sailing builds mental toughness.

How sailing builds mental toughness   Having ‘survived’ two very difficult and unprecedented years at school during the time of my GCSEs, I reflect on the situation now and ask myself what gave me the determination to work hard and to make progress with my school work, despite being stuck at home and working online […]

Ellie Hattam discusses how competitive sport affects a child’s development.

How does competitive sport affect a child’s development? Participating in competitive sport as a child has multiple different advantages and disadvantages to it. Most of us are enrolled in ballet classes, football clubs and many more as children. The aspiration from our parents is that in doing this we will find ‘our thing’ and will […]