Is Laughter the best medicine? asks Scarlett French-Pepper

Is Laughter is best medicine? Scarlett French-Pepper In this essay, I will be assessing the effects of laughter, specifically on people suffering with mental health illnesses. The UK is currently experiencing a mental health crisis, with an estimated 1 in 4 people suffering from a mental health issue each year-a figure set to rise with […]

Emily Doe discusses Covid 19, Freedom and Political Protests

Covid 19, Freedom and Political Protests. The world has been in the grip of Covid 19 for over 6 months now, each country has had to make changes systematically and radically. Most people have accepted those changes as they understand the risks of the virus to our own health and also others. However there have […]

Louie Raybold talks about competing in the Lego Engineering Club.

On Saturday 22nd Feb the members of Lego Engineering Club travelled to Bristol to compete in the England and Wales First Lego League national championships, a competition where teams build and programme a robot to attempt challenges. The competition was had 66 teams and was so big that it had it’s own opening ceremony. None […]

Sam blogs about the Karl Nova workshop

After the talk, ten pupils had the chance to take part in a workshop with Karl. As soon as we entered the classroom, you could tell it was full of energy. Karl was so welcoming and had a great sense of humour. We could ask him anything about music, rap and poetry and he knew […]

Olly Blogs about the Karl Nova visit

On Thursday 28th November poet, author and rapper Karl Nova came into Stamford School to talk to Year 8 and 9. The talk started off with Karl introducing himself and he elaborated on his new book ‘Rhythm and Poetry’ which was published in 2017. Karl told us about the Clippa 2018 award in which he […]

Charles McLaren blogs about language at Business as GCHQ visit Stamford School.

Language in Business: GCHQ On Thursday 22nd November, Stamford students took part in a competition run by Business Language Champions and GCHQ. We, the Spanish team from Stamford (we had also entered a Russian and German team) had been preparing for about three weeks now, meeting up in either the girls’ school or the boys’ […]

Sam Barwise Blogs the International Space Challenge 2019

THE INTERNATIONAL SPACE CHALLENGE 2019. The “challenge” began with an early eight o’clock start from school. Fortunately, for us, the competition was just a short trip down the A1. Upon arrival, we realised that the competition was not short of competitors. In total, there were fourteen teams, each with five or six members, from schools […]