Nayana Mould blogs about the Ribblehead Viaduct

During half term, I visited Ribblehead viaduct, a crucial section of the Settle-Carlisle railway in the beautiful yet unforgiving North Yorkshire landscape. I have often visited this impressive structure as much of my family live in surrounding areas, however this time, I was inspired to research how such a remarkable thing was built and what […]

Michael Leo blogs How Nature Inspires Engineering

How Nature Inspires Engineering Blog   Biomimetics is the study and analysis of natural mechanisms for the purpose of producing synthetic engineered equivalents to solve a problem. It is essentially the process of taking inspiration from nature. After all, nature possesses the most sophisticated engineered systems so replicating her mechanisms doesn’t seem like a bad […]

Head Girl Holly Blogs about the opportunitites of the Arkwright Engineering Scholarship.

My path to engineering. Starting in the Autumn term of Year 11, my journey began with the ‘Arkwright Engineering Scholarship’. It looks for those who are interested in an engineering-based career, and the next generation of leaders in ‘engineering, computing and technical design’. Over the Christmas holidays I completed an online application based on my […]

Caleb Jeff talks Petrol and the Perkin’s Global Engine Development Team!

After a week with Perkin’s Global Engine Development Team, Caleb outlines the key differences between gasoline and petrol engines. Firstly, diesel engines don’t have spark plugs: the air is let into the cylinder and compressed, when you compress something it heats up. In this case, the air heats up to usually at least 500°C. The […]