Ciaran Dolby discusses the flaws of socialism.

THE FLAWS OF SOCIALISM Whilst socialism seems to some people as an ideology of selflessness, compassion and community; it is actually the opposite. Socialists are so caught up in their own definition of selflessness that they deny their own proclivity to see other peoples perspectives. Often the argument is that without a factor of production […]

Is Social Media running Politics? Asks Tom Needham

Is social media running politics?   Social media has now become a major part of everyone’s lives with it being accessible through phones which can now travel with us where ever we go. Social media has become an integral part of UK politics with Most MP’s and political journalists having an account. This leads to […]

Are we safe from the government? Asks Ciaran Dolby

Are we safe from the government? Asks Ciaran Dolby   Do you walk about you day to day life feeling safe and protected by our government, knowing their ‘fixed’ laws that are in place to create a modern democratic society. But how secure are these laws that protect us and create our society? To understand […]

Sasha Evans – Is Social Media good or bad for democracy?

Is Social Media good or bad for democracy?   Social media plays a big part in our democracy and government nowadays, which most people across the UK can access with great ease. Social Media reaches all aspects of today’s society, young and old, meaning more people can voice opinions. But for people to have an […]

Zak Ellis explains the bane of Brexit: The Backstop…

The Bane of Brexit, the Backstop… Throughout the duration of the Brexit campaign any news story or article has found the term ‘Backstop’ unavoidable, and with good reason. When or if Brexit is delivered, this 310 -mile Irish border will be the singular land border between the UK and the rest of the EU.    […]