Rhiannon Timson blogs on the Insanity Defence.

Insanity Defence: What it is and how it is used in practice. In criminal defence, the defences can be made on justification or by excuse, insanity is by excuse highlighting the idea that the defendant cannot be held criminally responsible for their conduct under the circumstances. It is one of the most controversial defences as […]

Eloise Quetglas-Peach asks if prisons are a suitable punishment?

Incarceration: Are prisons a suitable punishment? Incarceration: a subject I have always questioned and wondered about but never truly got any informative answers for; until I came across an online two-week course provided by the University of Leeds on the FutureLearn website. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to expand their […]

Sophia Mattera blogs about the science of dreams

Dreams: the science and other things you didn’t know about the phenomenon Coronavirus. Lockdown. These are words that have been circling the news and other media outlets for what feels like forever. You may be thinking that while this lockdown takes place that you’re safe from the effects of the virus in the comfort of […]

Caitlin Brown argues why psychology should be compulsory at GCSE

Why Psychology should be Compulsory at GCSE Psychology is growing in popularity and it’s easy to see why. The human brain is a complicated place and at times we can feel lost inside our own minds; not knowing where our behaviours come from or what we can do to suppress or encourage them. Picture all […]

Scarlet Todd discusses mental health in the school curriculum

Why I believe schools should include mental health development in the curriculum . Mental health is a big topic at the moment and rightly so as for a long time it has been a area of little discussion which meant many people suffered in silence. I believe that positive mental health should be developed in […]

James Pridgeon blogs an essay on how infants know that objects continue to exist

Piaget’s (1936) theory of cognitive development explains how a child constructs a mental model of the world. The term ‘object permanence’ is used to describe a child’s ability to know that objects continue to exist even though they can no longer be observed or heard. If you have played a game of ‘peek-a-boo’ with a […]

Ella Moger asks is there a link between stress and depression with ageing?

Is there a link between stress and depression with ageing?   There has been a lot of research into the link between depression and biological ageing and I was interested to know the findings of this research. In a lecture I went to at the AAAS Washington Conference called Neurology and Psychiatry: Meeting in the […]