Olivia Cross asks how does parliament react in a time of crisis?

How Does Our Parliament React In A Time Of Crisis? We have all experienced the rapid changes to our lives since lockdown started on the 23rd March 2020. And although we have heard a lot about how Boris Johnson and his government have been dealing with the current situation, what about Parliament? The analogy used […]

Talvin Gill – How Globalisation grew Singapore’s Economy

How globalisation grew Singapore’s economy Once a country with high unemployment, low sanitation and almost no natural resources, Singapore now boasts a higher GDP per capita than the USA. Singapore’s development can be seen as extraordinary as a country with almost no aid managed to create themselves one of the most stable economies in the […]

Sam Hughes reviews the last ten years of Parliament

Parliament Over the Past 10 Years – By Samuel Hughes Over the past 10 years, the UK parliament has witnessed many ‘crazy times.’ In 2010 we saw our first coalition government since 1945, a referendum which led to Brexit- a topic which still splits opinion today, and the resignation of David Cameron as prime minister […]

Is Social Media good or bad for Democracy? Asks Isobel Chase

Is Social Media good or bad for Democracy? In this blog I would like to discuss how social media impacts democracy, in terms of segregation and political movements. One of The issues with Social Media is that you are only aware of what you choose to expose yourself to. People are less likely to seek […]