Chloe Smyth thinks that we need to talk about Putin.

We Need to Talk About Putin: Book Review By Chloe Smyth, Year 12.   Upon researching more into Russia’s politics, I came across a book written by Mark Galeotti, a professor of politics and international relations who has taught and continues to teach in Russia, Prague and in New York. Notorious for his knowledge on […]

Chloe Smyth blogs her review of ‘The Spy and the Traitor’.

Over the past week, I have spent my time being utterly engrossed not by the surrounding views of the white sandy beaches of the Dominican Republic where I am currently on holiday, but by the thrilling tail of Oleg Gordievsky’s life in Ben Macintyre’s perfectly written biography The Spy and the Traitor.Throughout this book, Macintyre […]

Chloe Smyth blogs, Pushkin: an interpretation and analysis of ‘Friendship’

Pushkin: an interpretation and analysis of ‘Friendship’   By Chloe Smyth   Что дружба? Легкий пыл похмелья, What is friendship? An easy hangover, Обиды вольный разговор, Resentment-free conversation, Обмен тщеславия, безделья The exchange of vanity, idleness Иль покровительства позор. Or the shame of patronage.     Following my last blog post, I decided to analyse […]

Chloe Smyth interprets and analyses a poem of Pushkin

Pushkin: an interpretation and analysis of a short poem   By Chloe Smyth   I have always been interested in the works of Alexander Pushkin, a Russian poet, novelist and short-story writer who wrote in the early 19th century of Russia, in both Moscow and St. Petersburg. Some of his more famous works include Ruslin […]