Kasia Middleton explains Pompeian Wall Paintings

Pompeian Wall Paintings Pompeii is famed across the globe for its remarkable preservation, amusing graffiti, and lewd paintings. That said, if one visits the town, and a splash of colour greets the eye on entering a domus, the most we get out of it is usually marvelling at the paint’s vibrancy. The plethora of wall […]

Must art be beautiful? by Emily Laugharne

Must art be beautiful? When people go to museums or art galleries we are exposed to a vast range of both traditional and contemporary art. We find ourselves inexplicably drawn to certain pieces of art yet when asked why, often fail to describe the beauty or pull of the art. This is because it is […]

Lizzie Clark discusses “Comedian” by Maurizio Cattelan.

Comedian by Maurizio Cattelan: A blog about modern art and the way it divides people’s opinions   In December of last year, some of you may recall a story regarding a banana duct-taped to a wall hitting the tabloids, labelling itself as ‘modern art’ and gripping the nation, gaining diverse opinions worldwide. The piece entitled […]

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Harriet Blogs her review of Damien Hirst’s art exhibition.

During the summer holidays, I have been to Norfolk with some close family friends for some birthday celebrations. We had lots of fun but the highlight for me was going to the Damien Hirst Exhibition at Houghton Hall. Damien Hirst is a famous artist, who creates amazing pieces of artwork, many of which have been […]