Talvin Gill – How Globalisation grew Singapore’s Economy

How globalisation grew Singapore’s economy Once a country with high unemployment, low sanitation and almost no natural resources, Singapore now boasts a higher GDP per capita than the USA. Singapore’s development can be seen as extraordinary as a country with almost no aid managed to create themselves one of the most stable economies in the […]

How Archimedes inspired future generations by Talvin Gill

How did Archimedes inventions affect later generations? Born on the island of Sicily in approximately 287 BC he is regarded as the Father of Maths, a title he has easily earned with his ground breaking discoveries in the world of mathematics. In the 3rd Century BC, he revolutionized maths with discoveries that leaves modern mathematicians […]

Talvin Gill explains The Golden Ratio

The Golden ratio can be viewed as one of the most unique ratios in Maths. It occurs when we divide a line into two parts. In the diagram this is shown as a and b. The idea is that, if the long part (a) divided by the short part (b) equals the overall length (a+b) […]