Mia Taylor explaining Georg Cantor and Infinity

Georg Cantor and Infinity Georg Cantor was a German mathematician who was most famous for the creation of set theory. He was born 3rd March 1845 in Saint Petersburg where he lived until his family moved to Germany in 1856. He studied in Germany and attended the University of Berlin where he studied physics, mathematics […]

Mia Taylor asks why girls are less likely to take maths and physics at A level.

Why are girls less likely to take maths and physics at A-level? There are many reasons why students take a subject at A-level. Some choose subjects that they need to pursue a certain career path, others take a subject because they enjoy it, some take them because they are inspired by a previous teacher and […]

Mia Taylor analyses whether rape culture plays a role in today’s society?

Does Rape Culture Play a Role in Today’s Society? The existence of a so-called “Rape culture” is currently a massive topic of conversation among feminists; most are adamant that it exists and is so deeply ingrained in today’s society that most people fail to see it. They believe that there is a bias in the […]