The cruel sport of horse racing by Nayana Mould

The cruel sport of horse racing Over 600 million view the Grand National each year; one of the most popular horse racing events in the calendar, not only attracting horse fanatics, but also punters, since events as such alongside Ascot and Cheltenham are hugely popular for betting. The racing industry has substantial net worth, in […]

Scarlet Todd asks can we end poverty by just giving poor people money?

Can we end poverty by just giving poor people money?   Recently I read a very inspiring and thought-provoking book called ‘Utopia for Realists’ by Rutger Bregman. Bregman is a Dutch Historian and Author. In this book he discusses highly implementable ideas in which to improve and solve world social and economic issues such a […]

Scarlet Todd explains Doughnut Economics

What is Doughnut economics? Social media posts, news articles and reports about: climate change, social inequality, corruption, poverty, not forgetting global pandemics sway us to believe the world is doomed. I couldn’t help but wonder where did the world go so wrong? And, what can we do it make it right? This led me to […]

Tom Palmer explains the history of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

The most common use for LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) in today’s society is for recreational exploitation, a habit that started in the 1960s after being used for psychological means as early as the 1940s. It was during this period of abuse that its use spread to the United Kingdom, where to this day its consumption […]

Darcey Sharpe’s West Wing Blog

West Wing Blog   Question : What do you get when you put a recovering alcoholic, a Nobel prize-winning economist, a failed Jewish political operative, an Ivy League lawyer, a fired P.R. ‘flamingo’ and a political idealist into an oval shaped room?   Answer : The twenty-six Emmy award winning drama, written be Aaron Sorkin […]

Darcey Sharpe asks: Should military service be mandatory?

Should military service be mandatory?   The subject and practice of compulsory military service was once something that was instituted by the majority of countries around the world, but in the last fifty years a significant portion of those participating countries no longer operate the compulsory call ups for young men and women. It is […]

Eloise Quetglas-Peach asks if prisons are a suitable punishment?

Incarceration: Are prisons a suitable punishment? Incarceration: a subject I have always questioned and wondered about but never truly got any informative answers for; until I came across an online two-week course provided by the University of Leeds on the FutureLearn website. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to expand their […]

Alice Paterson discusses “Blue Eyes Brown Eyes” Experiment in Anti-Racism

There is only one race on the face of the earth and that is the human race’ – Jane Elliott “Blue Eyes Brown Eyes” Experiment in Anti-Racism On April 5th, 1968, a school teacher from Iowa called Jane Elliot tried a social experiment by teaching her 3rd Grade class about the problems of racism by […]

Poppy Fleming discusses saving Coral Reefs

Saving coral reefs   The Great Barrier Reef has almost died five times in the last 30,000 years as a result of environmental changes such as ice ages and changing sea levels and it is now suffering because of our actions which have caused higher sea temperatures as a result of global warming. There is […]