Anna Harris blogs on Ocean Acidification

Ocean Acidification While global warming is currently an extremely high-profile topic, some other consequences of our civilisation’s large CO2 emissions remain comparatively lesser known. One of these such consequences is ocean acidification: the continuing decrease in the pH levels of our planet’s seas and oceans. The world’s oceans make up 71% of its surface and […]

Anna Harris explains the importance of vaccinations.

Vaccinations In our modern society, vaccinations are heralded as the most effectual method for the prevention of many infectious diseases. Before their development, the world’s population faced multiple threats from seemingly inescapable scourges of illness and infection, such as polio, influenza, and smallpox. Immunisation has allowed us to drastically reduce or even, in some cases, […]

Anna Harris discusses the different approaches taken by the Suffragists and the Suffragettes.

Suffragists vs Suffragettes: When it comes to women campaigning for their right to vote, it is the Suffragettes who the majority of the world remembers most prominently. However, another women’s suffrage group was formed before them. The Suffragists took a very different approach in their campaigning, but which group covered more ground in women’s suffrage? […]