SHS South Africa Hockey Camp; Netball Tour 2019 – Day 2 & 3

Day 2 – Cape Canopy Tour by Yola Brand and Isobelle Lawrence At the start of the day everyone was filled excitement but nerves at the same time. After the early morning it made to be a very quiet journey to the canopy tour. After our quick debriefing for the safety we set off up […]

Thomas Watson blogs his analysis of The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics and Entropy:

The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics and Entropy: The 2ndlaw of thermodynamics is extremely important regarding how the universe works. In fact, the whole idea of an arrow of time is due to the 2ndlaw and entropy. The work of Sadi Carnot, Rudolf Clausius, and Lord Kelvin allowed us to understand how heat transfers from one body […]

Frederick Shaw blogs on the Protectionism vs Free Trade debate.

Trump vs Classical economics When Donald Trump entered the White House in January 2017 he promised to ‘make America great again’. He managed to capture the hearts and minds of many, in particular those who lived in the so called ‘rust belt’ of America- an area which was once a proud industrial and manufacturing hub […]

Soham blogs on the US/North Korea detente

As we know, Trump was elected as President on the 8thof November 2016. Since then Trump made a few tweets about Kim-Jong-Un and his missile strikes around February to early summer of 2017. In these tweets he calls Kim-Jong a “rocket man” and remarks that he has “nothing better to do with his life” than […]

SHS South Africa Hockey & Netball Tour 2019 – Day 1

After a long night’s travel, we landed in Cape Town for our two week tour at 11am; spirits were high throughout the group despite having a very limited amount of sleep on the plane.  We stopped off at the local mall to enjoy some much-needed food and were all surprised at the wide range of […]

Beth Nasey blogs a short story: Black and White Life

Black and white life Camilla sat on the stairs watching waiting for something to happen, something to make her life a little less boring. But as always nothing did happen. Camilla was an ordinary 13-year-old girl. She had nothing exciting about her. She lived in the middle of the countryside with her adoptive mother, just […]

Proto-feminism in Chaucer and Webster: The Rob Worrall Talk

Proto-feminism in Chaucer and Webster: The Rob Worrall Talk   This talk was a huge gallimaufry (a jumble or medley of things – a word we learnt on the day!) with Rob Worrall, a literary enthusiast and an old-school eccentric with a huge wealth of knowledge from his 30-year teaching career. On Tuesday 2nd July […]

Georgia Scoular blogs her short story.

Priore Abore An old woman stands unsteadily in front of a wizened oak tree. Its gnarled roots like mangled snakes, clumped into a constricted heap. It has been more decades than she’s willing to admit since her last encounter with the tree. Just like her, it has become twisted and distorted over time. It feels […]

Frederick ponders the fate of the Conservative Party.

The Fate of the Conservative Party   As I write this, the United Kingdom’s Conservative and Unionist party seems close to implosion. Though Downing Street has been consistently blue for the past 9 years, Tory leadership hasn’t been wholly successful. Austerity measures employed by David Cameron’s government since 2010 have been deeply unpopular, with roughly […]