Ella Moger asks is there a link between stress and depression with ageing?

Is there a link between stress and depression with ageing?   There has been a lot of research into the link between depression and biological ageing and I was interested to know the findings of this research. In a lecture I went to at the AAAS Washington Conference called Neurology and Psychiatry: Meeting in the […]

James Everitt explains Planck’s constant

How does Planck’s constant effect our everyday lives and how would things change if it had a different value? Planck’s constant is named after the German physicist Max Planck, who devised the idea for atoms to only be able to vibrate at set frequencies (quantised values). This is often credited as the first theory of […]

James Everitt blogs on UV/Visible Spectroscopy

UV/Visible spectroscopy relies on the interaction of molecules with electromagnetic radiation mainly in the ultra-violet and visible parts of the spectrum. This electromagnetic radiation according to quantum theory acts as both a particle and wave, known as wave-particle duality, it is this particle nature that allows electromagnetic radiation to interact with electrons and allow us […]

James Everitt blogs on electron movements behind UV/Visible spectroscopy

The electron movements behind UV/Visible spectroscopy by James Everitt. Electrons reside in orbitals around an atom. The most basic of these are the s and p orbital. Every electron shell in an atom contains one spherical shaped s-orbital which when it combines with another to form a bond forms what is known as a σ-bond […]

Zak Ellis blogs about the complex issues of sterilisation

Editorial Note. The blog below is a write up of notes made for a debate – it is therefore deliberately one-sided.  School debates are often controversial. The blog should be understood in this context: an academic exercise.  The author understands the debate is more complicated and the views below should not be confused with the […]

Zak Ellis explains the bane of Brexit: The Backstop…

The Bane of Brexit, the Backstop… Throughout the duration of the Brexit campaign any news story or article has found the term ‘Backstop’ unavoidable, and with good reason. When or if Brexit is delivered, this 310 -mile Irish border will be the singular land border between the UK and the rest of the EU.    […]

Thomas Watson blogs on Cherenkov Radiation

When a plane goes into super-sonic speeds a sonic boom is heard. The sound/pressure waves produced by the aircraft lag behind it (Fig 1.1), and as the waves are not faster than the super-sonic plane. The waves interfere with each other constructively, creating a large pressure wave which we hear as a distinctive boom. The […]

Oliver Davies blogs on the Inevitability of Communism

The inevitability of communism I would like to start by stating that I am absolutely not a communist and am in fact almost the complete opposite when concerning economic policy and political ideology. I came up with this theory whilst watching ‘The Big Short’ on Netflix and the first draft hurriedly got typed on Snapchat. […]

Oliver Davies blogs about what caused the Financial Crisis of 2008

The Causes of the 2008 Financial Crisis   In 2008, the world economy underwent the largest crash since The Great Depression of 1929. The crisis caused a fall in housing prices by 20% in the UK alone and the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by 777.68 points, over 50%, making it the largest fall in […]