Anna Harris discusses monoclonal antibodies: medicine’s magic bullet.

Monoclonal Antibodies- Medicine’s Magic Bullet? Antibodies have been used to treat disease and infection for over a century, but in the last 50 years scientists have gradually been able to develop more and more sophisticated uses for them. One of such uses is monoclonal antibodies, the development of which was started in 1975 by two […]

Andy Kot blogs an economical analysis of climate change in both English AND Chinese

Climate change, and society’s response to it, presents risks that could impact our monetary and financial stability objectives. Financial and economic risks can arise from events such as floods and droughts, e.g. insurance firms facing higher claims. Risks can also arise in the transition to a low-carbon economy, like changes in government policy and technology. […]

Michael Leo blogs How Nature Inspires Engineering

How Nature Inspires Engineering Blog   Biomimetics is the study and analysis of natural mechanisms for the purpose of producing synthetic engineered equivalents to solve a problem. It is essentially the process of taking inspiration from nature. After all, nature possesses the most sophisticated engineered systems so replicating her mechanisms doesn’t seem like a bad […]

Robert Couchman explains why half of the world’s languages are related.

Why half of the world’s languages are related   The ancient Greek and Latin languages are related. This can be shown by comparing a few words: seven in Greek is hepta; in Latin septem. Eight is okto and octem, and mother is mitéra and mater. This did not escape ancient grammarians, who explained the similarities […]

Pavel Gulin Zrnic condemns human rights violations based on sexual orientation.

Article 2: “The UN would condemn human rights violations based on sexual orientation.” The importance of human rights has always been at the core of the United Nations. Although the UN consists of 193 sovereign countries which all have different cultures and emphasise various values, the UN has been constantly trying to improve human rights […]

Michael Leo blogs Acoustic Levitation

Acoustic Levitation When standing beside a loud speaker you can physically feel the sound; your clothes vibrate. This suggests that the sound emitted from the speaker has force. Sound waves consist of high- and low-pressure regions and it is this pressure fluctuation which results in the force exerted on your clothes. As an engineer, the […]

Jack Pacey blogs: Ageing: Why? How? And if we could stop it, should we?

Ageing: Why? How? And if we could stop it, should we? Ageing is a natural part of life. Forever, it has been viewed as an inevitable process; we are born, we age and we die. That is the supposed order of things. However, what happens if we could stop ageing, would we or, possibly more […]