Ellie Hattam reviews the “fake it till you make it” workshop

How far does ‘faking it till you make it’ actually help? I was recently involved in a workshop in school which was named “uncomfortable learning” run by Jason Gray, a vocal coach who aimed to help us increase our confidence levels by putting us in situations which made us feel awkward and out of our […]

William Radley reflects on the war on terror.

The War on Terror   It is the 20th anniversary of the September 11th terror attacks reminding us of how the world changed which begs the question, where did this begin and were the efforts of the US government justifiable? Arguably the most conflicted area during the 1970s and 80s was Afghanistan. Efforts of the […]

The choice is yours – an original poem by Amelia Callun

The choice is yours A path is laid out ahead, It forks before your feet A decision filled with dread, Uncertain of what you’ll meet. I didn’t know just what to be For Halloween this year. I thought about an alien, But chose a buccaneer. A game full of chance, Of many hidden pit falls. […]

Ciaran Dolby discusses the flaws of socialism.

THE FLAWS OF SOCIALISM Whilst socialism seems to some people as an ideology of selflessness, compassion and community; it is actually the opposite. Socialists are so caught up in their own definition of selflessness that they deny their own proclivity to see other peoples perspectives. Often the argument is that without a factor of production […]

Sofia debates on how she would spend a billion pounds on research

Sofia Celaya asks “You have one billion pounds to spend on research: how you going to spend it?”   There are many fields of research in medicine that with appropriate funding could achieve a lot of good, however, one that really sticks out for showing great promise in having the ability to cure millions, but […]

The Taliban vs Female Rights. Macey discusses recent developments in Afghanistan

The Taliban vs Female Rights Context The Taliban are an Afghanistan based militant group who were categorised by the United Nations as a terrorist group in 1999[i], five years after they emerged as an organisation. Consisting mainly of young male students known as ‘Talib’, indeed the term ‘Taliban’ comes from the Pashto meaning ‘student the […]

Sofia Celaya blogs about nanotechnology helping treat cancer.

How could nanotechnology helpful in treating cancer?   Cancer is a leading cause of death around the world with roughly 12.7 million people a year discovering they have the disease and 7.6 million people dying from it. It is a group of diseases characterised by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of […]