Charles McLaren blogs about language at Business as GCHQ visit Stamford School.

Language in Business: GCHQ On Thursday 22nd November, Stamford students took part in a competition run by Business Language Champions and GCHQ. We, the Spanish team from Stamford (we had also entered a Russian and German team) had been preparing for about three weeks now, meeting up in either the girls’ school or the boys’ […]

Ahren Bailey asks if we need a digital services tax?

Digital Services Tax and Digital Permanent Establishment Reforms Overview As our modern world is constantly evolving and changing, current tax laws are struggling to keep pace with it. Businesses are becoming more digitalised and the current tax rules have not adapted to take account of such change. Digital companies are expanding and capturing profits created […]

Talvin Gill – Is immigration important for the United Kingdom’s economy?

Is immigration important for the United Kingdom’s economy? – Blog post An immigrant is defined as a person who permanently moves to a foreign country to live there. Immigration has been a controversial point for the UK especially with the arrival of Brexit. Immigration can and has impacted the economy in various ways and is […]

Nayana Mould explains the problems of privatising prisons.

The problem with privatising prisons First, what is the difference between a private prison and a public prison? The main difference comes down to money; “a private prison, or for-profit prison, is a place where people are imprisoned by a third party that is contracted by a government agency”. The UK, United States, New Zealand […]