Le service civique by Scarlet Todd

Le service civique Le service civique est un système français qui est financé par le gouvernement. Cela a été fondé en 2010 et c’est pour les jeunes entre les âges de 16 à 25 ans. Je dirais que c’est entre le bénévolat et un emploi à temps plein où les jeunes travaillent dans un domaine […]

Warum singen deutsche Sänger auf Englisch? by Mollie Bicknell

Warum singen deutsche Sänger auf Englisch? Die meisten Leute auf der Welt hören englische Musik, aber warum? Die meisten deutschen Sänger singen auf English, aber warum? Wenn sie auf Deutsch singen, hören nur deutschsprachige Leute. Ist es ein Teufelskreis? Wenn man nur englischsprachige Musik hört, produzieren Sänger nur englischsprachige Musik, dann hören die Leute nur […]

James Farrow blogs on the Spanish Trip

2020 Spanish exchange to A Coruña (12/2/2020 – 19/2/2020)   Wednesday Leaving after lunch on Wednesday afternoon, the journey began with the long bus ride to Heathrow airport, with a lucky stop at a service station along the way. With the arrival in Spain looming, everyone was excited, yet a little anxious, to finally meet […]

What is the difference between Dutch and the Flemish Dialect asks Eva Roseblade

What is the Difference Between Dutch and the Flemish Dialect? Dutch is the Germanic language of the Netherlands and northern Belgium whereas Flemish is a dialect of the Dutch language spoken in Flanders, a region in northern Belgium. There is, however, some debate as to whether Flemish should be classed as a separate language rather […]

Nayana Mould blogs on the emagazine Language Conference

emagazine Language Conference   In October, I visited an English language conference which I really enjoyed and decided to write about a couple of the lectures. The first talk was given by Ian Cushing, a highly qualified linguist who is a Lecturer in Education at Brunel University London, after working as a Teaching Fellow in […]

Soliloquy in the Style of Lady Macbeth by Sophie Farr

Soliloquy in the Style of Lady Macbeth A quick glance never harmed anyone.. I’m not a murderess; I am no thief. This is what is right. If that professor didn’t want me at Oxford, that paper wouldn’t be blatantly beckoning me. Hours, weeks, months of work, and finally, I will get what I deserve! My […]

Darcey Sharpe blogs on the importance of Super Tuesday. US Election Special

What is Super Tuesday? Super Tuesday is not the best day of the year or the same as Shrove Tuesday/ Pancake Day. It is when multiple American states, including two of the nation’s most populous states, California and Texas, go to the polls to elect a Democratic candidate to run in the Presidential race for […]

Darcey Sharpe US Presidential Election Blog: Iowa Caucus

Iowa caucus   In this and future blogs I will be attempting to explain the process of the US election, which is so very different from a UK general election. How does a UK election differ from a US election? In the UK, political parties have a chosen leader before the election campaign and can […]

Anna Harris blogs on Ocean Acidification

Ocean Acidification While global warming is currently an extremely high-profile topic, some other consequences of our civilisation’s large CO2 emissions remain comparatively lesser known. One of these such consequences is ocean acidification: the continuing decrease in the pH levels of our planet’s seas and oceans. The world’s oceans make up 71% of its surface and […]

Louie Raybold talks about competing in the Lego Engineering Club.

On Saturday 22nd Feb the members of Lego Engineering Club travelled to Bristol to compete in the England and Wales First Lego League national championships, a competition where teams build and programme a robot to attempt challenges. The competition was had 66 teams and was so big that it had it’s own opening ceremony. None […]