PERSEUS WITH THE HEAD OF MEDUSA: The 16th Century Diss-Track to the Greatest Sculpture of All Time. Italy. Florence. Piazza della Signoria. Loggia dei Lanzi. This square contains some of the most valuable pieces of art from the Renaissance era. True geniuses walked the streets, mercenaries producing artefacts of the finest calibre and receiving pay […]

Homer or Virgil? Jordan or LeBron? by Harry Laventure

Homer or Virgil? Jordan or LeBron? Imitatio, and the evolution of the simile. The 19th April 2020 saw Jason Hehir’s docuseries “The Last Dance” released, a dramatic and retrospective retelling of the famous 1997-98 Chicago Bulls team’s season, whilst exploring stories of the individuals who made this team, none more famous than the great Michael […]

Kasia blogs the Classics Trip

On Tuesday 18th June, the year 9 and 10 Latin sets visited Copthill School for a morning of Classics activities. We started off in a maths classroom, learning about Roman numerals. The year 6s were challenged to create the longest word they could in Roman numerals that made a valid number. This proved more difficult […]

Sixth Form Attend Classics Conference

On Friday 15th March a group of 6 students and the Head of Classics – Mr A D Smith – headed down to Oxford University for the annual Oxbridge Classics Conference, hosted by the Classics Faculties of Oxford and Cambridge. As soon as we entered our first talk on Classics at Oxbridge and how to […]

Esme and Emily blog on their Cambridge Trip

Our trip to CAMBRIDGE The cast gallery and other adventures Date 22.1.18 What we did Cast gallery We were both very excited for this trip. We set off in the school car, and arrived in Cambridge at 1 o’clock. We set off to the Cast Gallery, only a five-minute walk from where we parked. The […]