Zak Ellis asks if our democracy is in danger?

Is our democracy in danger? On the 28thAugust 2019 PM Boris Johnson announced his plans to suspend parliament with his plans of ‘Prorogation’. This is effectively when the Prime Minister advises the Queen to shut down parliament for a set amount of time. Parliament will be suspended from the 13thof September and re-opened on the […]

Zak Ellis blogs about the complex issues of sterilisation

Editorial Note. The blog below is a write up of notes made for a debate – it is therefore deliberately one-sided.  School debates are often controversial. The blog should be understood in this context: an academic exercise.  The author understands the debate is more complicated and the views below should not be confused with the […]

Zak Ellis explains the bane of Brexit: The Backstop…

The Bane of Brexit, the Backstop… Throughout the duration of the Brexit campaign any news story or article has found the term ‘Backstop’ unavoidable, and with good reason. When or if Brexit is delivered, this 310 -mile Irish border will be the singular land border between the UK and the rest of the EU.    […]

Zak Ellis explains the controversy concerning the Peterborough by-election.

The controversy concerning the Peterborough by-election. In the 2017 general election Labour won the Peterborough seat. This was a great achievement for them as it had been in conservative hands since 2005. But, on the 6th of June 2019 a by-election was called; Fiona Onasanya, the previous Labour MP, was removed via a petition after […]