Will the UK last much longer? by Emily Doe

Will the UK last much longer? by Emily Doe. Devolution in the UK is the process by which central government in Westminster delegates power to other levels of government.  In the UK, the creation of devolved institutions in the regions 20 years ago saw a massive transferal of powers and responsibilities away from the centre.  […]

Emily Doe discusses Covid 19, Freedom and Political Protests

Covid 19, Freedom and Political Protests. The world has been in the grip of Covid 19 for over 6 months now, each country has had to make changes systematically and radically. Most people have accepted those changes as they understand the risks of the virus to our own health and also others. However there have […]

Emily Doe talks us through the US Presidential Election 2020

The US presidential election 2020 The US elections are very different from the ones in the UK, in this blog I will be giving an understanding on how these elections work, but also suggesting how factors such as pandemics are disrupting campaigning and how this vast interrupt could have a knock on effect in November. […]

What are the links between crime and terrorism asks Emily Doe

What are the links between crime and terrorism? Although criminals and terrorists are two very different groups, there are also very strong links between them both. The definition of terrorism is- violence against civilians or non-combatants for political or social goals through the intimidation of an audience beyond immediate victims. Terrorist groups are normally based […]

Emily Doe explains how Parliament reacts in times of crisis

How does Parliament react in times of crisis? The UK Parliament itself has gone through many dramatic events in the past 300 years. From its first emergence in 1215 with the signing of the Magna Carta, following with the English Civil war, leading up all the way up to the Coronavirus Pandemic which is changing […]