Skipper Holly blogs sailing on Rutland Water.

Great training session on Saturday with some very close racing against Oundle School. We won two out of three races being especially successful on the downwind leg of the course.  I think the pictures say it all really!  Thanks, as ever to Dr C! Holly Jones (Sailing team captain)

Izzy blogs about all the opportunities of The Medical Society.

The Medical Society is a group of hopeful Medics, headed by Mrs Furby, who meet up every Saturday morning.  We learn what a future in medicine would entail and practice skills needed to get into Medical School. Last Saturday, the MedSoc team had an intense morning! With everyone having sent off their applications for medicine […]

Sailing Team Captain Holly Blogs about the Firefly Inland Nationals.

Last weekend members of Stamford Sailing Team including, Frankie Nicholson, Issy Leetch, Alice Lucy, Ollie Fraser, Holly Jones, Ellie Hattam and Ewan McAnally competed in the Firefly Inland Nationals. The team had two great days of racing in challenging, windy conditions, racing against a large fleet containing several firefly national champions. The weekend was very […]

Isabella Blogs about The London Fashion Festival.

LONDON FASHION WEEKEND FESTIVAL 2017 The London Fashion Festival was held at The Strand, from the 21st to the 24th of September.   The Fashion Week was first launched in 1984 and has remained a pinnacle for home grown and international Designers ever since. The Weekend Festival has opened up the world of London Fashion to […]

Kasia blogs Bravery not Perfection

Bravery, Not Perfection We all know how stereotypes work. You know that girls like pink, and boys like blue. You know that girls wear dresses, not boys. We have grown up in a society where these stereotypes, right or wrong, exist all around us, so, to have them ingrained in our minds is completely understandable. […]