Talking in the Library: Episode 5. Sam Hughes continues his General Election interviews and speaks to Gareth Davies, the conservative candidate for Grantham and Stamford.

Blog Editors Note. Sam Hughes continues his interviews of the general election candidates for Grantham and Stamford and today he interviewed Gareth Davies, the Conservative candidate.  Interviews with both the Green Party and the Labour Party are also planned, whilst the interview with the Liberal Democrat candidate has already been vlogged. Sam has shown great […]

Lottie blogs about theology at the Oundle Festival

‘Does religion do more harm than good?’ – Oundle Festival of Literature trip On the evening of the 26th of April, a group of SHS students went with Mr Zacharias and Mrs Smith to attend a talk by acclaimed author and journalist, Rupert Shortt in which hee addressed the thorny question: ‘Does religion do more […]

Lottie asks: What is Truth?

What is truth?   One may argue that truth is a matter of utility – an ideology or proposition is only true if it’s useful to believe. Truth and knowledge allow us to lead our lives in the most practical ways possible. For example: carbon monoxide being harmful to humans has lead engineers to install […]

Kitty blogs a Health, Fitness and Well-being blog for the New Year

My Health, Fitness and Well-being Blog As science continues to discover new things about our body and new ways to prevent illness, we are constantly told to stay fit and healthy. But what do those two words actually mean? And what does staying fit and healthy entail? After reading an extensive article, I have narrowed […]