The Blog Hits 400! But which is your favourite one ask Ollie?

400 Up! As we near the end of the second academic year of its life I am pleased to report that the SES Blog has just hit 400 Blogs Posts!  The Stamford Endowed Community is rightly proud of the safe forum that it has provided for students to begin to find their digital student voice.  […]

SHS students break the 200 blog barrier!

It’s not a competition…but if it was the Stamford High School would be winning as we’ve blogged the most blogs as we break the 200 barrier, whether it’s been academic, creative, extra-curricular, co-curricular or raising awareness in feminism we’ve been blogging like crazy since September 2017!  But which is your favourite blog?! Steph, Blog Editor […]

Blog Photo Opportunity for the SES Blogsters!

Great to see so many of us all in one place for a blog photo!  Mr Tuck has just written an article on the success of the blog and wanted a picture for publication!  We’ll do a blog version of the article once it’s out in April! Great to see do many current and future […]

JJ Blogs about what it’s like to coach a Year 8 Rugby Team in SS 100th Blog!

What it’s like to coach a Year 8 rugby team?   Rain was lashing down, the wind howled and the mud underfoot had been chopped and churned so much that you couldn’t work out if you were on or off the pitch. It had been a long, hard, grueling game. Relentless phases of defense had left the team bloodied and […]

Stephanie is the New Blog Editor for 2018/19.

Last week, when an interviewer asked me what word my friends would best describe me as, I stuttered what first came into my head: “chaotic”. “Careful now,” she laughed, looking up from her notes, but I somehow managed to twist it to my advantage. Despite the risk, I knew what I said rang true, and […]

Stamford High School first to 100 blogs!

Not that it’s a competition…but Stamford High School made it to a hundred posts first (we’re sure the boys will catch us up). A lot of us were sceptical about the blog when it started, would it just be teachers’ blogging examination advice etc? Well, no, not at all. It’s been entirely given over to […]

150 not out! Cari discusses what’s best about our blog!

As the SES blog hits its 150th post, I have reviewed the range of content being generated by students and communicated through this increasingly popular medium. It’s often easy, to do the urgent and important or just do the things you know and not notice some of the other things going on around you.  Blog […]