Robert Couchman explains the fascinating origins of the alphabet.

Today, the very concepts of language and writing are intertwined. It can sometimes be difficult to disentangle the two, but after spoken language developed about 100,000 years ago there was a gap of about 95,000 years in which writing didn’t exist at all. Today, although there are up to 20 major systems, the Latin script, […]

Robert Couchman discusses evidence for the pronunciation of Latin.

Evidence for the Pronunciation of Latin   As an ancient language and one no longer spoken today (except by the Catholic church, who have their own pronunciation separate from the Classical Latin spoken by the Romans), you might expect that we don’t know how it was pronounced. However, we actually have a lot of evidence […]

Robert Couchman explains why half of the world’s languages are related.

Why half of the world’s languages are related   The ancient Greek and Latin languages are related. This can be shown by comparing a few words: seven in Greek is hepta; in Latin septem. Eight is okto and octem, and mother is mitéra and mater. This did not escape ancient grammarians, who explained the similarities […]