Alice Lucy asks what are the effects of fast fashion on our environment?

The Effects of Fast Fashion on our environment.   Everything from the pesticides, fertilizers, chemicals to energy input, to non-biodegradable synthetic fibres, fast fashion is making a detrimental and massive impacts on the environment and things are not changing fast enough to reduce the impact. Only recently has fast fashion become such a highly spoken […]

Alice Lucy Blogs about “The Green Blue”

The Green Blue’ is a national environmental awareness programme, founded by the RYA (Royal Yachting Association) and British Marine in 2005, at the Southampton Boat Show. The aims of the Green Blue are to inspire sustainable recreational boating. We all use the water, and so we as a community play a vital role in helping […]

Alice Lucy blogs about the environmental dangers of plastic

Plastic is a very common topic in the news in today’s society but how much does the average person know about the vast damage that is being caused by plastic, how much plastic there actually is in our oceans and what can be done to try a reduce the impact? The plastic that we know […]