PERSEUS WITH THE HEAD OF MEDUSA: The 16th Century Diss-Track to the Greatest Sculpture of All Time. Italy. Florence. Piazza della Signoria. Loggia dei Lanzi. This square contains some of the most valuable pieces of art from the Renaissance era. True geniuses walked the streets, mercenaries producing artefacts of the finest calibre and receiving pay […]

Ahren Bailey looks at ‘American Psycho and Yuppie Culture’.

American Psycho and Yuppie Culture American Psycho is a black comedy directed by Mary Harron in 2000, based on the novel written by Bret Easton Ellis. The film follows Patrick Bateman (played by Christian Bale), a wealthy businessman, working on Wall Street. Obsessed by his appearance and material objects, Bateman’s life may appear to be […]

The Truth about Happiness by Jacques Harrison

The Truth About Happiness I am writing about this topic not because I decided to read ‘Can we be happier?’ by Richard Layard in a last, desperate attempt to improve my own happiness but mainly because my dad brought it for me and it has loose connections to economics which is one of the subjects […]

How Archimedes inspired future generations by Talvin Gill

How did Archimedes inventions affect later generations? Born on the island of Sicily in approximately 287 BC he is regarded as the Father of Maths, a title he has easily earned with his ground breaking discoveries in the world of mathematics. In the 3rd Century BC, he revolutionized maths with discoveries that leaves modern mathematicians […]

George Bingham discusses anti-communism in the USA in the 1940s and 1950s

What accounts for the intensity of domestic anti-communism in the USA in the 1940s and ‘50s? The American public’s opposition to communism is only to be expected as the communist ideology of collectivism directly opposes and challenges their society’s core value of individualism. This concept was and is entrenched in the economic and political systems […]

James Farrow asks: To what extent does reforesting the planet combat climate change?

To reforest is to simply “replant with trees; cover again with forest”. The topic has been revitalised by the social media movement #TeamTrees. This was started in May 2019 when the internet challenged a Youtuber known as “MrBeast” to plant 20 million trees after hitting 20 million subscribers. To complete this task, he teamed up […]

Oscar Wordsworth reflects on his Arkwright Scholarship Journey

My Arkwright Scholarship Journey  Arkwright Engineering Scholarships are a national award that are highly respected by the top universities in the UK and having such a scholarship on your UCAS entrance forms will help you stand out from the crowd. I decided to compete for the Arkwright Scholarship as I have been interested in Engineering […]

Harry Laventure discusses: The Comic Tragedy of Emojis, Abbreviations and 1984’s Newspeak

The Comic Tragedy of Emojis, Abbreviations, and 1984’s Newspeak George Orwell’s “1984” may be not only one of the greatest works of Dystopian Fiction, but Fiction as a whole. The terrifying accuracy with which it predicted many aspects of the societies we live in today, though staggering, is widely known. Orwell depicts a nightmarish Totalitarian […]

Ahren Bailey asks if we need a digital services tax?

Digital Services Tax and Digital Permanent Establishment Reforms Overview As our modern world is constantly evolving and changing, current tax laws are struggling to keep pace with it. Businesses are becoming more digitalised and the current tax rules have not adapted to take account of such change. Digital companies are expanding and capturing profits created […]