Poppy Fleming discusses saving Coral Reefs

Saving coral reefs   The Great Barrier Reef has almost died five times in the last 30,000 years as a result of environmental changes such as ice ages and changing sea levels and it is now suffering because of our actions which have caused higher sea temperatures as a result of global warming. There is […]

Poppy Fleming discusses HeLa Cells

HeLa Cells   HeLa is an immortal human cell line which is used for scientific research. It is the oldest and most used of its kind, originating from cervical cancer cells taken in 1951 from Henrietta Lacks, who died just eight months after her malignant tumour was removed without her permission, but little did she […]

Poppy Fleming discusses Human Organs-on-Chips

Organs-on-a-chip   After realising that our current testing methods and clinical trials are no longer a viable way forward due to ethical issues, expensive costs and failing tests, scientists from the Wyss Institute at Harvard University have begun to develop organ chips: a cheaper and more accurate testing method with bright prospects for future trials. […]

Poppy Fleming explains why cities are sexist.

Cities are sexist Exclusion by design is a huge problem women are facing in society today. Despite making up half of the world’s population, women’s needs are being ignored and radical change is urgently needed to make our planet a fairer space with equal opportunities for everyone. I have recently been reading the book Invisible […]

The sickening actions of Dr. Josef Mengele during WWII by Poppy Fleming

The sickening actions of Dr. Josef Mengele during WWII Dr. Josef Mengele was brought up in a rich family and was admired throughout his school life for always achieving high grades and being an all round success. Whatever he put his mind to he was able to achieve and he graduated university with a doctorate […]

Poppy Fleming asks: Why do we still need feminism.

Why do we still need feminism? It is undeniable that in recent years women have gained more and more rights and their status in society has improved, which has led many people to believe that men and women are now equal, causing them to question the rise of feminism, however I don’t believe this is […]