Lottie Pike explores The Portrayal of Free Will in Shakespeare’s Hamlet

The Portrayal of Free Will in Shakespeare’s Hamlet   “Denmark’s a prison” – Hamlet (2.2.234) During the Elizabethan era, in which Shakespeare’s Hamlet was written, the public opinion was very much one of the belief in fate and the deterministic nature of the Universe. These views were often symbolised by a ‘wheel of fortune’, which […]

Lottie Pike discusses the importance of diversity

The importance of encouraging and supporting diversity in schools “No culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive” – Mahatma Gandhi Why is diversity important in a society? Diversity is an integral part of any community – it is vital in helping us to develop, both as individuals and as a society, and its […]

La importancia de los sitios históricos en nuestra sociedad by Lottie Pike

La importancia de los sitios históricos en nuestra sociedad. Es muy importante que preservemos nuestro patrimonio para el futuro para mantener la historia de países de todo el mundo – el patrimonio de un país hace la cultura no solo más interesante y más rica, sino también más variada. Sin los sitios históricos, el pasado […]

Lottie Pike Blogs a defence of online activism.

Call-out culture and online activism – a defense During the Obama Foundation Summit in Illinois at the end of last month, former President Barack Obama spoke up about his views on call-out culture, the media-based custom of essentially holding people accountable for their actions. He argued that this ‘keyboard activism’ is ineffective, and if continued […]

Lottie Pike Blogs her Model United Nations debate on human rights violations.

The UK’s perspective on the Model United Nations debate ‘the UN would condemn human rights violations based on sexual orientation’ On Thursday 10th October, the members of the Model United Nations club debated the motion ‘the UN would condemn human rights violations based on sexual orientation’, with the delegates of the following countries being represented: […]

Secularización en España blogs Lottie Pike

Secularización en España – Lottie Pike La religión ha sido una gran parte de la cultura e historia de España, y el país ha sido influido mucho por la iglesia católica. Se puede ver esto en el número grande de iglesias y catedrales católicas en el país – de hecho, algunas de las iglesias y […]

Lottie asks: What is Truth?

What is truth?   One may argue that truth is a matter of utility – an ideology or proposition is only true if it’s useful to believe. Truth and knowledge allow us to lead our lives in the most practical ways possible. For example: carbon monoxide being harmful to humans has lead engineers to install […]

What is Love? Asks Lottie.

‘What is love?’ by Lottie Pike   What is love? Is it a practice? Is it an infatuation? Or is it just purely chemical and biological instinct? The Ancient Greeks seemed to think it was all of the above; however, the Oxford dictionary defines it as ‘an intense feeling of deep affection’. But surely it […]