A poem by Jasmine Withers – ‘The Fire’

The fire   I am undefeatable Everyone tries to beat me But no one succeeds I burn. I break. I kill. And no one can stop me I start as a spark I light up the dark In a deadly and dangerous way People are entranced by my flames My suffocating smell They are rooted […]

How significant was the Haitian Revolution? asks Nathaniel Sole-Porter

How significant was the Haitian revolution in regard to similar revolutions of its time? Nathaniel Sole-Potter Haiti or Hispaniola at the time was the upcoming centre for Atlantic trade. Although Spanish settlers first landed there in the 1600s, the island wasn’t producing valuable crops such as sugar, coffee, tobacco and other desirable crops at the […]

Chase Burgess: Lockdown Blog

My alarm clock is currently obsolete. There is no time restraints to my day. I therefore woke at my leisure. After breakfast I took on the Andy Murray 100 volley challenge with both of my parents. Before lunch mum and I continued to take advantage of the glorious weather in the garden whilst my dad […]

Nayana Mould blogs on the emagazine Language Conference

emagazine Language Conference   In October, I visited an English language conference which I really enjoyed and decided to write about a couple of the lectures. The first talk was given by Ian Cushing, a highly qualified linguist who is a Lecturer in Education at Brunel University London, after working as a Teaching Fellow in […]

The Last Lunch

Despite our concerns and the rumours prior to the trip, the quality of the food has been superb….. a bit “samey”, like breakfast, lunch and tea, but there hasn’t been anything nasty, other that on the food stalls where you could get the odd scorpion or two!!

Adventures on the overnight train

So, we travelled from Beijing to Xian on the overnight train.  We survived!!  We all agreed it was an experience, but not one that any of us are in a rush to repeat!!  To say we were relieved that our second 16 hour journey had been upgraded to a 6 hour journey on a the […]