National Diversity Week at Stamford High School – a blogged guide by the students.

National Diversity Week at Stamford High School 2020 As this week is Diversity Week, the Prefects at Stamford High School came together to write reviews about lots of  the different forms of the creative arts which express diversity in many ways; for example, race and the LGBTQ+ community. This exercise was both informative and interesting […]

Our Head Boy, Fergus Cato, shares his Lockdown Blog

Lockdown Blog   At 15:15 on Wednesday June 17th finished my A levels. The day consisted of two exams, Chemistry in the morning followed by Maths in the afternoon as my last exam as a school pupil. However, this of course did not happen. These past 3 months have been completely different to how I […]

National Theatre at Home – “Jane Eyre” during global lockdown by Pavel Gulin Zrnic

National Theatre at Home – “Jane Eyre” during global lockdown by Pavel Gulin Zrnic  Coronavirus has significantly impacted theatres as they were on the frontline when all the public gatherings were banned which happened even before the whole country went on the complete lockdown. Many young performers within Stamford Endowed Schools including myself were directly […]

Darcey Sharpe asks if ‘Little Women’ is a feminist novel?

Is Little Women, by Louisa Alcott, a feminist novel? “Little Women” is a classic novel written by Louisa Alcott, which is based on her own experiences. As she grew up with three sisters, I would say that the novel is very realistic as it is known for presenting many of her personal viewpoints and is […]

Eloise Quetglas-Peach explains how All the World’s Stage.

All the World’s Your Stage On Wednesday 29th January, seven language students from Stamford, including myself, who study French or Spanish opted to take part in a competition at Nottingham Girls School. This competition was organised by Business Language Champions (BLC) and one of the directors of this company, Sally Fagan, welcomed us and introduced […]