Stamford Junior School students Blog about their Italian Day!

SJS Modern Foreign Languages Day 2019   On Thursday, 14th of February, SJS celebrated Modern Foreign Languages Day. This has become part of Stamford Junior School’s traditions and we are all very lucky to have a whole day dedicated to a different culture each year. This year, the focus was on Italy – Il Bel Paese– The beautiful […]

Oscar Dixon-Spain blogs on Antimicrobial Resistance

Antimicrobial Resistance  Welcome to my blog on antimicrobial resistance which has been written from my ten minute presentation that I delivered on the topic both in SES medical society and also in a Y12 1532 society meeting. Today I shall be covering four main areas. First of all, why should any of you care or […]

Grace and Darcy blog Year 12 Geography Field Trip

Y12 Geography Field Trip to Wales Write-up By Grace Newton and Darcy Johnson   On Friday, the 8th February 2019 the year 12 A Level geography students went to the Rhyd-y-Creuau Field centre in Snowdonia. It was a 5-day trip to collect data to prepare for our compulsory personal investigation known as the NEA (Non-Examined […]

Blissett Blog Book Bonanza!

Struggling to find a good quick read? If during term time, you are struggling to find a novel to read that is not too long and not too heavy, then look no further than award-winning authors, Susin Nielsen and Sarah Crossman. Both women write novels that are short, accessible, thought-provoking and fast-paced. If you want […]

SHS students break the 200 blog barrier!

It’s not a competition…but if it was the Stamford High School would be winning as we’ve blogged the most blogs as we break the 200 barrier, whether it’s been academic, creative, extra-curricular, co-curricular or raising awareness in feminism we’ve been blogging like crazy since September 2017!  But which is your favourite blog?! Steph, Blog Editor […]

SHS 6th Form claim 2nd place in Cross Fit Competition.

SHS 6th form fitness team for their second place at the first ‘Cross Fit’ competition with teams from Oundle & Uppingham.   Great attitude, hard work and a real sense of pride in wearing the school colours! We are already looking forward to the next competition!    

Duncan blogs an essay: A short history of the genetic alteration of animals.

A Short History of the Genetic Alteration of Animals   The first-time humans changed or altered the look and genetic makeup of a species of animals was longer ago than you might think. It happened at least ten thousand years ago when early man first domesticated the wolf There is big debate when humans first […]