What’s the point of seeing in colour? Kasey explains all in great blog.

What’s the point of seeing in colour?   Or, more specifically, why do we see in trichromatic color? (trichromatic is the 3 color slider that you sometimes see on the computer and by changing the percentage of red blue and green you can make any colour.) Or, even before that, why are we sight-based creatures […]

Stamford High School first to 100 blogs!

Not that it’s a competition…but Stamford High School made it to a hundred posts first (we’re sure the boys will catch us up). A lot of us were sceptical about the blog when it started, would it just be teachers’ blogging examination advice etc? Well, no, not at all. It’s been entirely given over to […]

Lara asks ‘Does Literature Change Anything?’

The simplest answer to the question, ‘Does literature change anything’, would be no. Literature is not what does the action of changing anything, it is simply a vehicle that can be used by readers to change the way they think – this is where its power lies. Literature has the capacity to alter the way […]

Asa blogs a detailed study of Russia.

Do you think that Russia should be part of the European Union? There are many reasons that Russia should be part of the European Union, as an EU membership for Russia could open up many opportunities for trade and diplomacy, and would create better relations with the West. The European Union would benefit massively from […]

Nuclear Disarmament: The View from Japan.

Should we get rid of nuclear weapons? The view from Japan Nuclear weapons have made our world into a tense place with rival countries comparing how strong they are. But do we really need these weapons of mass destruction? For many in Japan, the weapons have destroyed their livelihood, flattened 2 of their cities and […]

Super Sri Lanka Cricket Trip! Blogs James Farrow.

In late March this year 50 school boys and 7 coaches went to Sri Lanka on a cricket tour for 14 days. In this blog, I will tell you of two of my favourite moments. One of the days that stood out for me was the internal competition day. This was the most fun and […]