Kitty Henderson discusses the first equine herpesvirus outbreak in Valencia

Equine herpesvirus outbreak in Valencia What has been described as the “the most serious EHV-1 outbreak in Europe in decades” by the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) has recently occurred in Valencia, Spain. It was discovered after horses that had left the Spanish show jumping event CES Valencia Spring Tour on 14th February returned home and […]

Kitty Hawthorne blogs about a global water shortage

Global Water Shortage   As the world faces more and more environmental problems, one essential, and often forgotten about problem is water. With an ever-growing population, an increased demand for agriculture, climate change and overuse of the finite resource, the lack of clean, fresh water becoming available should be more of a concern. Globally there […]

Are Electric Cars the Future in Preserving the Environment? Asks Kitty Hawthorne

Are Electric Cars the Future in Preserving the Environment? Electric vehicles have many advantages over petrol or diesel fuelled vehicles for the environment as well as for our health and in the long run to save money also. The most obvious advantage is the carbon emission saving for our environment. When driving, pure electric cars […]