Lest we Forget. Charlotte blogs of The Heroes of Arnhem.

LEST WE FORGET – THE HEROES OF ARNHEM The granddaughter of a Hero Paratrooper involved in the Battle of Arnhem laid a wreath for hundreds of his fallen comrades at an annual commemoration. Charlotte O’Reilly’s grandfather, John, was one of only 36 of 603 who made up the 156 Parachute Battalion to return from Arnhem. […]

CCF Blog Army Section Field Exercise

CCF Army Section Field Exercise On the 14th & 15th October 2018, The Senior Army cadets conducted manoeuvres on Yardley Chase Training Area, Northamptonshire, a one time formal parkland, then ammunition depot, ultimately a Site of Special Scientific Interest and training area. Persistent heavy rain had been booked using Army Form 57643B/4578, as every cadet […]

Top Guns! Esme blogs first time RAF flight for Year 10 RAF Cadets!

On Thursday 22nd of February the RAF  cadets,   set off to RAF Cranwell. The excitement was palpable! We were all bubbly and nervous for the flight, (some had flown in a Grob Tutor plane before but most of us had not) and it was a brand new experience that we will never forget! When we […]

Chloe Smyth blogs Flying with the RAF and Zero G!

One of the main perks of being an RAF Cadet at Stamford Endowed Schools is the ability to go flying at RAF Cranwell throughout the school year. The immense thrill and rush you get piloting the very modest Grob Tutor is unmatched; the mixture of the speed, the G-force and the aerobatics create an exhilarating […]