Ella Spradbury discusses whether freedom of the media impedes our basic human rights?

Has the freedom of the media impeded our basic human rights? Freedom of the media is the fundamental right of various forms of media (including print, radio, television and online) to operate freely in society without government control, restriction or censorship. It bears constitutional importance, with regards to its feature in the Bill of Rights […]

Are we safe from the government? Asks Ciaran Dolby

Are we safe from the government? Asks Ciaran Dolby   Do you walk about you day to day life feeling safe and protected by our government, knowing their ‘fixed’ laws that are in place to create a modern democratic society. But how secure are these laws that protect us and create our society? To understand […]

How conservative is our current government? asks Nathaniel Sole-Potter

How conservative is our current government? Boris Johnson held a general election on the 12th of December 2019 and since then he’s been given free reigns over legislative power as he won with a significantly stronger majority of approx. 80 seats in the commons, compared to the period of minority government with Theresa May from […]

Can Communism and Capitalism coexist? asks Nicole Villani

Can Communism and Capitalism coexist? By Nicole Villani There have been various discussions over whether Communism and Capitalism can live together in harmony. The first thing to consider when posed with this question is what are they? The Oxford dictionary states that Capitalism is an economic and political system in which the country’s trade and […]


PERSEUS WITH THE HEAD OF MEDUSA: The 16th Century Diss-Track to the Greatest Sculpture of All Time. Italy. Florence. Piazza della Signoria. Loggia dei Lanzi. This square contains some of the most valuable pieces of art from the Renaissance era. True geniuses walked the streets, mercenaries producing artefacts of the finest calibre and receiving pay […]

Darcey Sharpe’s West Wing Blog

West Wing Blog   Question : What do you get when you put a recovering alcoholic, a Nobel prize-winning economist, a failed Jewish political operative, an Ivy League lawyer, a fired P.R. ‘flamingo’ and a political idealist into an oval shaped room?   Answer : The twenty-six Emmy award winning drama, written be Aaron Sorkin […]

Darcey Sharpe asks: Should military service be mandatory?

Should military service be mandatory?   The subject and practice of compulsory military service was once something that was instituted by the majority of countries around the world, but in the last fifty years a significant portion of those participating countries no longer operate the compulsory call ups for young men and women. It is […]