Is Technology Ruining Lives? Asks Annie-May,

Is Technology Ruining Lives? Picture the scene: you roll out of bed and you hear that ding from the other end of your room. Your mobile phone. We all love getting messages from friends, likes and comments on Instagram or even just getting an alert that Charlie Demelio has posted a new Tick Tok dance. […]

Grace Kendall blogs on the Positives of a Pandemic

Positives of a pandemic  I’m sure everyone reading has recently been very overwhelmed by the news of COVID-19 being plastered over every news program as well as all social media platforms. About 95% of all information spread about the coronavirus seems to be negative and produces a cause for concern and panic, this is why […]

Talvin Gill explains The Golden Ratio

The Golden ratio can be viewed as one of the most unique ratios in Maths. It occurs when we divide a line into two parts. In the diagram this is shown as a and b. The idea is that, if the long part (a) divided by the short part (b) equals the overall length (a+b) […]

National Theatre at Home – “Jane Eyre” during global lockdown by Pavel Gulin Zrnic

National Theatre at Home – “Jane Eyre” during global lockdown by Pavel Gulin Zrnic  Coronavirus has significantly impacted theatres as they were on the frontline when all the public gatherings were banned which happened even before the whole country went on the complete lockdown. Many young performers within Stamford Endowed Schools including myself were directly […]

Chase Burgess: Lockdown Blog

My alarm clock is currently obsolete. There is no time restraints to my day. I therefore woke at my leisure. After breakfast I took on the Andy Murray 100 volley challenge with both of my parents. Before lunch mum and I continued to take advantage of the glorious weather in the garden whilst my dad […]

Tao Zeng explains the significance of Zero

Maths blog: The number 0 We all have probably learnt in primary school that dividing by 0 is not allowed. But we have not got told why so. In the primary school, we were taught division simply is how many times does one number go into another. Using this method, we can see that any […]

Kitty Henderson tells us about “Lucy’s Law”

Lucy’s Law To say that this is a bleak and unnerving time is a colossal understatement but today I hope to share a small victory to uplift your spirits. On the 6th April 2020 Lucy’s Law came into effect which bans the sale of puppies and kittens under the age of six months old from […]