Elliot Wade blogs about the Yr 11 scholars’ trip to Fitzwilliam College

With the trauma of the maths mock exam still fresh in their minds, 20 year 11s staggered from the hall to a waiting bus bound for Cambridge. A short ride later we had arrived at Mr Gloucester’s alma mater: Fitzwilliam College. We were there to explore the college, learn about student life and the mysterious […]

Year 7 Scholars Isabel and Felix, Blog their trip to Cambridge.

  Academic Scholars Trip to Cambridge   After arriving in Cambridge, we ate our packed lunches. We then walked past the Mathematical Bridge-a structure translated from written words on a piece of paper to a bridge. St Catherine’s was the next piece of history that we saw. We learnt that the acoustics within are outstanding […]

8 Quick Tips to get into Cambridge! By Cambridge bound Teresa Tien (2017)

8 tips to applying for Cam maths Go to Maths clinics if you really need help, especially during exam period. Offer help to others, being a “teacher” helps you speak out during later interviews. Often look for more than 1 answers to a question. Do loads of past papers – there is no easier way. […]