Poppy Fleming discusses saving Coral Reefs

Saving coral reefs   The Great Barrier Reef has almost died five times in the last 30,000 years as a result of environmental changes such as ice ages and changing sea levels and it is now suffering because of our actions which have caused higher sea temperatures as a result of global warming. There is […]

Anna Harris blogs on Ocean Acidification

Ocean Acidification While global warming is currently an extremely high-profile topic, some other consequences of our civilisation’s large CO2 emissions remain comparatively lesser known. One of these such consequences is ocean acidification: the continuing decrease in the pH levels of our planet’s seas and oceans. The world’s oceans make up 71% of its surface and […]

James Farrow asks: To what extent does reforesting the planet combat climate change?

To reforest is to simply “replant with trees; cover again with forest”. The topic has been revitalised by the social media movement #TeamTrees. This was started in May 2019 when the internet challenged a Youtuber known as “MrBeast” to plant 20 million trees after hitting 20 million subscribers. To complete this task, he teamed up […]

Andy Kot blogs an economical analysis of climate change in both English AND Chinese

Climate change, and society’s response to it, presents risks that could impact our monetary and financial stability objectives. Financial and economic risks can arise from events such as floods and droughts, e.g. insurance firms facing higher claims. Risks can also arise in the transition to a low-carbon economy, like changes in government policy and technology. […]

Scarlet Todd offers solutions to climate change

My solutions to climate change Climate change is a hot topic now, in fact literally. With invasive rising sea levels, droughts, extreme weather and increasing numbers of natural disasters people are starting to feel on edge. The biggest culprit leading to the accelerating baking of our earth is the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. An article […]

Grace Kendall discusses if biofuels are the future of energy

Grace Kendall discusses if biofuels are the future of energy. Everyone knows that burning petrol is very bad for the environment, but it is an inevitable necessity for modern life. Roughly 74% of all people over age 17 in the UK own a car and on average a car emits 6 tonnes of CO2 (a […]

Alice Lucy asks what are the effects of fast fashion on our environment?

The Effects of Fast Fashion on our environment.   Everything from the pesticides, fertilizers, chemicals to energy input, to non-biodegradable synthetic fibres, fast fashion is making a detrimental and massive impacts on the environment and things are not changing fast enough to reduce the impact. Only recently has fast fashion become such a highly spoken […]

Alice Lucy blogs about the environmental dangers of plastic

Plastic is a very common topic in the news in today’s society but how much does the average person know about the vast damage that is being caused by plastic, how much plastic there actually is in our oceans and what can be done to try a reduce the impact? The plastic that we know […]