Isabel explains how sailing builds mental toughness.

How sailing builds mental toughness   Having ‘survived’ two very difficult and unprecedented years at school during the time of my GCSEs, I reflect on the situation now and ask myself what gave me the determination to work hard and to make progress with my school work, despite being stuck at home and working online […]

CCF Blog Army Section Field Exercise

CCF Army Section Field Exercise On the 14th & 15th October 2018, The Senior Army cadets conducted manoeuvres on Yardley Chase Training Area, Northamptonshire, a one time formal parkland, then ammunition depot, ultimately a Site of Special Scientific Interest and training area. Persistent heavy rain had been booked using Army Form 57643B/4578, as every cadet […]

Joe Evans blogs the benefits of not giving up.

At Stamford school many opportunities open up for a willing student to take part in activities such as extra curricular activities, team sport activities and house activities. To me as a member of Brazenose House, I have always been willing to compete in any activity it may be that would help towards my house. When […]

Team SES are canoeing 172km of the River Spey for Charity.

Spey: Source to Sea 2018 Hello! Myself, and my twin Pip are in our final year of Sixth Form at Stamford. After our final exams in summer, we’re canoeing all 172km of Scotland’s fastest flowing river, The River Spey, from the source to the sea, unsupported. From Loch Spey to Spey Bay, using Canadian canoes, […]