Lottie Farley discusses the relationship between weight loss and gender.

Weight loss: does gender matter?   Many have often wondered why it is so hard to lose weight, when, it could be partly down to their gender. It has been hypothesised that women find it slightly harder to lose weight than men due to many different reasons, including the distribution of body fat, hormones, and […]

Macy discusses the role of men and women in the modern home.

The Role of Men and Women in the Modern Home   The twenty first century has brought with it a rise in equality between the male and female gender, and yet despite contemporary aspiration the roles played in the home by heterosexual couples are arguably stilled embedded in the patriarchal idea that women should be […]

Flora explains the Cochlear implant.

The cochlear implant, How do they work? Who needs them? How have they evolved over the years? The cochlea is a hollow, spiral-shaped bone found in the inner ear needed for auditory transduction. Sound waves are converted into electrical impulses that the brain can interpret as individual sound frequencies. The spiral shape of the cochlea […]

Macy examines Freud’s Dream Theory.

Freud’s Dream Theory: Does it hold any truth? In November 1899 Sigmund Freud, an Austrian neurologist, complied a booked called, ‘The Interpretation of Dreams’ in which he pioneered his theory that dreams are a gateway into humanities repressed desires. Freud suggested that dreams are wish fulfilments [1] , that they reveal the yearnings of the […]