Hollie Blogs Cavell Fashion

At first we spilt up into two groups and came up with two ideas, after 5 minutes we came together and decided on the final design. Once we had decided on our very fashionable dress we all went into different groups and designed different parts of the outfits, one group did accessories, one group top […]

Eliot’s Fashion Challenge

Eliot’s Fashion Challenge One Thursday afternoon year 9 Eliot were given a brief. It asked for a party or wedding dress made in one hour, using only tape, newspaper, 2 bin bags, cups, blue ribbon and string. It was another house activity where the houses would compete against each other for precious points that could […]

Toby blogs of victory in defeat for Brazenoze in the House Rugby.

Brazenoze House Rugby Brazenose faced the opposition, Ancaster House as the first match kicked off. We started off back in our twenty-two trying to find gaps in the strong Ancaster defence. However, after losing a ruck, Ancaster created a swift counter attack which led them to getting a try. This repeated for much of the […]