Diana and Meghan: The Two Trapped Princesses by Chloe Tinton

Diana and Meghan: The Two Trapped Princesses “My biggest concern was history repeating itself”. This is a direct quote from Prince Harry when asked in the recent interview with Meghan and Oprah what his driving force was behind leaving the monarchy. Whether this is directly referring to the media attacks on his mother Diana or […]

Chloe Tinton warns against the dangers of TikTok

TIKTOK: GLOBAL SENSATION THAT COULD BE RUINING OUR GENERATION   TikTok has become a drug to my generation. They crave the temporary escape from the dreary reality of the world outside the screen. The app that started as a method of promoting normal people has taken a turn for the worst. With now over 800 […]

Chloe reflects on 2020, the year of Covid-19.

What has 2020 taught me? For one thing it has taught me that nothing is predictable alongside the importance of face to face human contact. But the most striking element is power of resilience and the strength of the human mind. Wuhan, China. The epicentre of the virus ignited a global panic as plague like […]