Soliloquy in the Style of Lady Macbeth by Sophie Farr

Soliloquy in the Style of Lady Macbeth A quick glance never harmed anyone.. I’m not a murderess; I am no thief. This is what is right. If that professor didn’t want me at Oxford, that paper wouldn’t be blatantly beckoning me. Hours, weeks, months of work, and finally, I will get what I deserve! My […]

James Lovell writes a chilling short story: A Meeting in the Park

A Meeting in the Park. Matthew heard a sudden rustling of leaves behind him and he instantly stood bolt upright from the bench he was sitting on and whipped around. There was nothing there, only the deep impenetrable blackness beyond the lamp light and the dark, shadowy silhouettes of the trees. He stood there for […]

Rosie Harvey writes a Gothic version of The Teddy Bears’ Picnic!

The Teddy Bears’ Picnic If you go down in the woods today You’re sure of a big surprise… The dark canopy of the woods closes around you, and as you delve deeper you realise the brooding shadows on your nocturnal bedroom walls are more than simple figments of your imagination. Your eyes flash past the […]

Abby blogs a short description of the Oasis in Chapter 1 of Mice and Men.

A Short Description of the Oasis in chapter one of ‘Of Mice and Men’ By Abby Moyse The sun’s harsh rays beat down, pushing through the gaps in the luscious jade canopy of the droopy sycamore, stippling the ground beneath with a shadowy pattern. Desert grass framed a still, cyan pool, glistening in the heat. […]

Beth Nasey blogs a short story: Black and White Life

Black and white life Camilla sat on the stairs watching waiting for something to happen, something to make her life a little less boring. But as always nothing did happen. Camilla was an ordinary 13-year-old girl. She had nothing exciting about her. She lived in the middle of the countryside with her adoptive mother, just […]

Georgia Scoular blogs her short story.

Priore Abore An old woman stands unsteadily in front of a wizened oak tree. Its gnarled roots like mangled snakes, clumped into a constricted heap. It has been more decades than she’s willing to admit since her last encounter with the tree. Just like her, it has become twisted and distorted over time. It feels […]

Blissett Blog Book Bonanza!

Struggling to find a good quick read? If during term time, you are struggling to find a novel to read that is not too long and not too heavy, then look no further than award-winning authors, Susin Nielsen and Sarah Crossman. Both women write novels that are short, accessible, thought-provoking and fast-paced. If you want […]