Lucy Williams blogs her new poem – Greedy Tarantula

Greedy Tarantula   I anticipate I anticipate the silent shifting of footsteps, for the flustered fumbling of rubble down in the burrow, and her squinting eye to occlude.   My friend doesn’t notice me much, but I always have my eyes on her. I am a camera with eight orbicular lenses, as I wait, poised […]

Ruby Joyce blogs her new poem – Hagfish

Hagfish I am a hagfish, I am the greatest creator of slime I prefer not to fight a fish with a fine tail swish Though the taste of it would be sublime! I eat within the hollow bellies of the beasts These creatures are quite the feast I know my favourite dish Small worms and […]

Ada Armes blogs her new poem – Shark

Shark I am waiting for you. I have been swimming all morning through the deep and not eaten. I am lurking at the bottom of the deep near the dusty floor that sweeps on endlessly. I am ravenous, it is midday, I found no fish. I am very fierce without food and although my fins […]

Jess Tinton looks at the Labour Party’s attitude towards nuclear weapons.

The Labour Party and nuclear weapons.   The Labour Party are against the notion of abolishing nuclear weapons and believe that keeping the current Trident programme is a sensible economic, social, and political decision for the UK. However, as the elected leader on a platform opposing Trident renewal, Corbyn has stated that he was not […]

Lily Patterson discusses the inspiring life of Clara Schumann

Clara Schumann’s Inspiring Life as a Female Composer In our A Level music lessons, we’ve just finished studying Clara Wieck-Schumann’s Piano Trio in G minor Op. 17 Movement 1, written in 1846. She wrote it when she was going through a troubled time in her life, ill in bed due to her fourth pregnancy, looking […]

Yola Brand explains the biology behind memories.

The biology behind memories In this article I will talk about, how a map is formed within your brain to create memories, the importance of sleep in remembering and sorting through your memories, why you can’t recall memories from before the age of 4 to the same level as you can after that age,  and […]

Kitty Henderson discusses the Equine herpesvirus outbreak in Valencia

Equine herpesvirus outbreak in Valencia What has been described as the “the most serious EHV-1 outbreak in Europe in decades” by the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) has recently occurred in Valencia, Spain. It was discovered after horses that had left the Spanish show jumping event CES Valencia Spring Tour on 14th February returned home and […]

Are Animal Robots the new face of animal conservation? asks Kitty Henderson

Are Animal Robots the new face of animal conservation? The BBC’s ‘Spy in the Wild’ documentary first came onto our screens on 12th January 2017 and returned on the 22nd January 2020 for its second season. In this documentary we see ‘spy animals’ placed into unsafe areas for humans within wild animal habitats to film […]

Nicole Villani explores the world of alternative history…

How America almost became a Nazi Empire. Philip Roth’s 2004 novel ‘The Plot Against America’, finds its protagonist, a fictionalised version of the seven year old author himself, leading a mundane existence punctuated by nightly radio news broadcasts, dinner with his all-American Jewish family and neighbourhood jaunts undertaken to fill the halcyon hours of summer […]