Lottie Leonard tells us what she wish she had known when she started 6th Form.

What I wish I had known before starting 6th form   6th form life is undoubtably a huge stress on so many students in which secondary school life could never prepare you for. Of course, they tell you it’s a big change and with it comes vast quantities of work, responsibilities, pressure and the beginning […]

Lottie Leonard explains Social Norms

Social Norms   Social norms are what society have over time gradually viewed as a socially acceptable decision or way of acting, shared standards of acceptable behaviour by groups. They can be expressed by both informal understandings that govern the behaviour of members of a society, as well as be codified into rules and laws. […]

Lottie Leonard looks at the 1979 General Election

1979 General Election   The Labour government had come into power in 1974. Prime minister Harold Wilson was succeeded by Jim Callaghan in 1976. Labour leader Jim Callaghan’s parliamentary position had become gradually uncertain and by 1976 the government lost its formal majority, this was partially due to the by-election defeat, loss of two backbenchers […]