William Gallagher blogs about Strange Matter.

The Strangest Things in the Known (And Probably Unknown) Universe: Strange Matter What is Strange Matter? Well, the building blocks of Particles, (there are different building blocks of Particles like different quarks) they are called Quarks a force so strong that humans can’t pull them apart, because it would take an infinite amount of energy […]

William Gallagher of Year 5 blogs about The Barnardo’s Concert

This is a Blog on the Barnardo’s concert. On Monday the 24th of June me (and the and the rest of the choir) set out on a journey to London that would last until 12:30am. We got on the bus and the driver started driving to Birmingham. Luckily we didn’t go that far as the […]

Jacob Harte Double Trophy Win!

Jacob Harte is over the moon with this weekend’s work as he managed to win two different trophies for two separate teams in two different tournaments!   The first was for Nottingham Forest Development Centre A team and the second was for the One Touch Football School.  Both trophies involved Jacob playing in tournaments and he […]

Die Zauberflöte!

Roughly 30 students traveled up to London to see the English Adaption of “Die Zauberflöte” by Mozart. The journey was a short train ride, and many of us were exhausted after the Burghley Run, which commenced only a few hours ago. Once in London, we scuttled off into Leicester Square to scavenge for some dinner, […]

Comet the Common Frog! A blog by Tanga

Comet the Common Frog! *(Rana temporaria) *Scientific name My name is Tanga and I am in year 5. My blogs will be focusing science and nature. I enjoy learning about dinosaurs and zoology. I am a member of the University of Cambridge Zoology Museum. How I met Comet I met Comet when I was walking […]

First set of Sports Reports (final entry) Hockey

Team of The Week (2) extra Patsy Brake U18- showed excellent resilience and worked hard to improve her ability and by the end was holding her space and shooting with confidence. U18 Netball Stamford High schools U18 first team played for the first time together in a tournament on Sunday the 16th of September in […]

Henry Blogs about Birds!

Birds Birds have evolved from species for thousands of years. They evolved from theropod dinosaurs including Pteranodons. They have` also been very useful to humans too. Many species have been taken to design aircraft. The slowest bird is the American woodcock which maximum speed is 5mph [8km hr].The fastest is the peregrine falcon reaching speeds […]

Harry explains how a plane works in debut blog!

How a plane works The engine:  A plane engine works by air coming through the intake and then going through the axial compressor. Then it bypasses through the compressor wheels which contain of 3 large wheels and about 15 thinner wheels, which then feed to the centrifugal compressor which feeds into the air drivers on […]