Kasia Middleton blogs her critical reading of ‘Gorilla’ by Anthony Browne

A Critical Reading of ‘Gorilla’ by Anthony Browne Kasia Middleton   Here is a link to a reading of the book itself, including the illustrations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmXX3QyBqB0   Here is a PowerPoint of the scanned book: https://stamfordendowedschools-my.sharepoint.com/:p:/g/personal/08middletonkz_ses_lincs_sch_uk/Ef_se6Di0a5Fh5t5q6TUQb8BUyxVFpzspR2Ese6ECpCwvg?e=51aZNh (if this doesn’t work please let me know and I can email over the file separately)   Gorilla by […]