Sixth Form Attend Classics Conference

On Friday 15th March a group of 6 students and the Head of Classics – Mr A D Smith – headed down to Oxford University for the annual Oxbridge Classics Conference, hosted by the Classics Faculties of Oxford and Cambridge. As soon as we entered our first talk on Classics at Oxbridge and how to […]

Rosie Harvey blogs on #MeToo: Women and the The Duchess of Malfi

‘#MeToo: Women and The Duchess of Malfi’ Lecture:   On Thursday evening, SES Sixth Form English Literature students were treated to a lecture on The Duchess of Malfi by the PhD student Stephanie Collins from the University of Leicester. Stephanie Collins’ main interests lie in medieval literature and history, which was really displayed in her […]

Sam and Harvey blog on Globe Theatre Workshop

After studying Romeo and Juliet in class and researching a brief history of the Globe Theatre, the year nine pupils embarked on an English outing to London. An early meet time (7:00) meant that we had plenty of time to travel to London. After the uneventful journey, we walked a short way along the Thames […]

Feasting on Horror!

Feasting in Horror With all the buzz and excitement surrounding the forthcoming film adaptation of ‘Pet Cemetery’ by Stephen King, this felt like a good time to share some ideas with you all about great horror novels for both young and old. Most adult readers would agree that King is the master of all things […]

Lottie asks: What is Truth?

What is truth?   One may argue that truth is a matter of utility – an ideology or proposition is only true if it’s useful to believe. Truth and knowledge allow us to lead our lives in the most practical ways possible. For example: carbon monoxide being harmful to humans has lead engineers to install […]

Tom Watson blogs on Quantum Phenomena and the Physics of Lasers

As many of you will know, electrons are not like planets orbiting their respective nucleus – the Rutherford-Bohr model was proven to be incorrect in the 1920s by Schrödinger and Heisenberg – but are rather act like a cloud. To be able to understand the atomic model, we must first look at the Uncertainty principle. […]