Francesca blogs the eeriest piece of creative writing…

There, sitting daintily on a three-legged stool was the eeriest person I had ever seen. She was a woman, as tall as she was thin with bones protruding from every nook and crevice in her angular body. She was sitting rigidly in her chair and her bare feet were tapping a staccato rhythm into the […]

Francesca blogs a sliver of description.

Crammed carelessly in between sheer white cliffs is a town of towering turrets and sun scorched stone. A slate grey river meanders lethargically through the drowsiness winking at any stray civilians and providing a welcome relief on the eyes from the otherwise constant faded brown. Silence smothers the buildings like a heavy blanket on a […]

Stephanie is the New Blog Editor for 2018/19.

Last week, when an interviewer asked me what word my friends would best describe me as, I stuttered what first came into my head: “chaotic”. “Careful now,” she laughed, looking up from her notes, but I somehow managed to twist it to my advantage. Despite the risk, I knew what I said rang true, and […]

Kasia blogs an exquisite description of Çavuşin

In a Turkish desert scorched by sun, planted into the sand and resembling as sandcastle made by God himself, sits dusty little Çavuşin. The anthill turrets point to the azure sky, made by the same dust that they sit upon. Idyllic, sequestered streets wind around the towers like a boa constrictor around its prey. At […]

Howard blogs about the recent Typhoon that hit Hong Kong.

The Strongest Typhoon that Hong Kong ever had Super Typhoon (Category 3) Mangkuht has just hit Hong Kong on Sunday (16/09/2018) in the morning in Hong Kong time. Although it is not the strongest typhoon in the western Pacific ever, it damaged Hong Kong very badly. Mangkhut has skirted 100km to the south of Hong […]

First set of Sports Reports (final entry) Hockey

Team of The Week (2) extra Patsy Brake U18- showed excellent resilience and worked hard to improve her ability and by the end was holding her space and shooting with confidence. U18 Netball Stamford High schools U18 first team played for the first time together in a tournament on Sunday the 16th of September in […]

The First Set of Sports Reports: Lots of Hockey Reports!

Team of The Week (2) Florence Patterson U12B- she showed fantastic pride in representing the school alongside working tirelessly up and down the wing throughout the match. Millie Bird U12C- who showed physicality and resilience in both attack and defence and belonging as she captained the team to a great 3-0 victory. Amy Rule U14B- […]

George learns more from defeat than victory as 13Bs lose to Warwick.

U13B Stamford Rugby against Warwick   It was a sunny day at Northfields as the Stamford under 13B’s prepared to take on Warwick. Kick off was slightly delayed due to the late arrival of the opposition However, a large number of parents and teachers were on the field supporting us and it looked like we had […]